The leading career expo for qualified staff Career Show took place completely online on 24th and 25th November 2020. This year it included 50+ interactive sessions – lectures, discussions, activities – for a successful career and fulfilling life. Among the inspiring lectures were popular people like Anna Tzolova, Ivan and Andrey, representatives of state institutions, the bussiness and entrepreneurs. The second part of the expo, a very innovative one, was the new unique online format for quick video meetings. Within 10-minute meetings, the ones, looking for a job, and the ones, offering one, had the opportunity to meet, exchange basic information about themselves and exchange contacts for future, more profound relationship.

The NRCB Plovdiv was represented by its expert Job mediation and assistance, who held a lot of meetings with representatives of big companies, corporations and bank institutions, among which LIDL, EVN, Metro, Post Bank and TELUS International.

The general conclusion that one could make from the two-day event was that the business looks for staff, but highly qualified and motivated one.