Марин Пейчев е на 3-то място на почетната стълбичка

Марин Пейчев е на 3-то място на почетната стълбичкаThe world arm-wrestling championship was held from 24.11.2021 till 3.12.2021 in Bucharest, Rumania. Part of it was the XXIII Arm-wrestling championship for people with disabilities. Bulgaria was represented by a national team of more than 20 participants from the whole country. The Plovdiv participants were from arm-wrestling club Izgrev – Plovdiv – Asya Burova and Emka Tanova, who train in the sports centre, located at the National rehabilitation for the blind center, Plovdiv, under the guidance of Marin Peychev – assistant-teacher in physical education and rehabilitation in the NRCB. The two competitors once again won prize positions. Marin Peychev also took part in the competition and won 3rd prize in Right hand and 4th prize in Left hand, thus completing another successful yeat for the Bulgarian athletes with visual disabilities.