И малките лесно се справят с техниката

И малките лесно се справят с техниката On 3 December 2018, The International Day of people with disabilities – NRCB together with its partners from EVN Bulgaria conducted a training under the “Establishing a resource center for supporting the integrated education of visually impaired students” Project, funded by EVN under the EVN for Bulgaria Programme.

The training was held as a seminar, conducted by two lecturers, followed by demonstrating the scanning options of the reading device, bought under the project. The seminar was greatly appreciated by the participants – visually impaired high school and university students and their families, professionals, working with visually impaired people. The NRCB experts demonstrated the device, its abilities to scan, save and reproduce text in different formats – text and audio files, suitable for follow-up listening, recording, editing.

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