Присъстващите внимателно слушат презентацията

Присъстващите внимателно слушат презентациятаOn 16.9.2020 at the Imperial Hotel, Plovdiv, an organized by the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” information event for dissemination of the results from the “Sports for all” Project, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme took place, attended as well by experts from the NRCB. Information about the essence and the results from the project was presented, about the partner organizations, as well as good practices were shared from the work of sport rehabilitators and trainers from their work with children with disabilities.

„Sports for all”is a project, aimed at support for teachers and trainers in planning and organizing inclusive sports activities for children and young people with disabilities. The schedule of the seminar included theme presentations in the field of inclusive sports education of children with different types of disabilities and approaches for adapting the educational process and the teaching methods and strategies towards their needs.

The main subject of the event was presenting and providing for free use the Data base with inclusive sports practices at schools/youth organizations; School curriculum and learning materials; a Mobile and online instrument for self-evaluation in support of the teacher/trainer in evaluating the learned material and a Mobile application for learning, integrated at an online portal.