Част от присъстващите на срещата

Част от присъстващите на срещатаOn October 17, 2018 at the National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind – Plovdiv a device for artificial sight intended for blind or partially-sighted people OrCam MyEye 2.0 was presented. On behalf of Israeli company OrCam, the main presenter was Mr. Irie Meltzer, and on the Bulgarian side, Mr. Yavor Bozhinov helped with translation.

This is a thumbnail sized device which allows reading of any text from different surfaces, real-time face recognition, product identification, banknotes, credit cards, and more. The light and comfortable camera is magnetically attached to the frames of glasses, plus LED lights for dark and miniature speakers. It is easily managed with simple hand gestures. I can remember up to 2 million barcodes – all registered in Bulgaria and up to 100 people and 200 sites. The presentation provoked great interest and there were guests from Gabrovo, Dryanovo and from other places.

Г-н Мелтцер демонстрира работа с устройствотоAfter the short presentation, anyone who wished had the opportunity to test the device’s capabilities. The company said they are working hard to develop and improve the product’s capabilities and we all expect it to reach consumers faster.