момент от прожекцията на филма

moments from movie On May 16, 2019, the National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind held the first of its kind movie projection, adapted for visually impaired people. The initiative was carried out within the framework of the project „Expanding the Center for Mutual Assistance, Integration and Support” of the National Rehabilitation Center for the Blind – Plovdiv“. The project is funded by the European Social Fund under the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development, “Equal Chances” procedure.


moments from movie The movie event was attended by a guest-presentator from CSRI „Svetlina“, Sofia, who interpreted the movie classic „Scent of a Woman“ from 1992 starring Al Pacino. The actor is an Oscar winner for playing the part of a blind army colonel. Nearly 30 visually impaired people were given the opportunity to fully experience the movie, immersing in its fabule and atmosphere, and understanding it on a level that was not achievable for them so far. The expert from CSRI „Svetlina“ trained the experts from the NRCB. In the future they will also perform similar adaptations of popular movies for the visually impaired trainees in the Center.