The Retina Bulgaria Association presented the Bulgarian version of the informational video “How to welcome visually impaired people to the hospital”, aiming at raising awareness of the medical care-givers on how to treat visually impaired people, who looked for help at the medical centers. The video is a product of the „Eyesight and covid-19” Project and is provided by the European Reference Network on Rare Eye Diseases (ERN-EYE), and the initiative of its creation is by SENSGENE, which has worked under this project with several French associations of people with visual impairments.

It’s a 3-minute video, which is divided into three separate parts. It shows common situations of the visually impaired people’s interactions at hospital environment: the different types of visual impairments, admission at a hospital, consultations and orientation at the hospital room.

One can see the video at the newly made Youtube channel  of the Association.  

Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva