On 27.11.2018 the National Rehabilitation for the Blind Center together with its partners from “National network heart for heart” Foundation conducted a free preventional measurement of blood sugar and blood pressure for visually impaired people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes. The experts from the partners’ organizations besides measuring and registering the results, provided an analysis in terms of the history of the disease an previous screenings, medicines, lifestyle and risk factors for diabetes – overweight, lack of physical activity, high blood pressure.

The examined people got valuable advice on how to improve their lives and take care of their health condition. No newly found cases of high blood pressure and/or blood sugar were registered, which comes to show that there is a good connection and traceability of the health condition by the individuals and their general physicians. On the other hand it became clear that 99% of the screened people have high blood pressure, which is a sign that they and the whole society should take measures to hold a more healthy lifestyle.