The “Education for every child” Campaign starts on 10th September 2020 – a joint initiative by the Fantastico supermarket chain and UNICEF in Bulgaria. The campaign will continue till 14th October 2020 and it will cover 43 supermarkets, which clients will have the opportunity to donate 1 lv, not necessarily by buying a purchase. With the funds raised, UNICEF, together with its partners, will develop the country’s first inclusive digital education platform. It will provide adapted educational resources for the specific needs of every child and will facilitate the interaction between specialists (resource teachers, psychologists, speech therapists), teachers, parents and children, especially for those living in remote areas, far from the district city, where there is no regular contact. The platform is expected to be operational by the end of 2020 and for the first 30 months it will support 3,300 children with disabilities, 500 professionals and a minimum of 200 parents. The aim of the platform is to provide long-term and sustainable support that will eventually cover most children with disabilities in the country.