On September 17, 2018, the autumn course for computer skills begins. The trainees will make their first steps in the world of computers, discover the infinite information, music and communication capabilities of the digital era. Gradually, with the initial acquaintance with the computer, the keys, and keyboard shortcuts for its management and speech programs, the students will get more inward and more skillfully using the equipment.

Working with files and folders, understanding the logic of data deployment, renaming, moving, copying, or deleting – all will be learned in the first two weeks of the course. The next days are designed to familiarize with the individual programs involved in the course – listening to music files – Winamp, reading text or a book – Balabolka, for playing video clips and listening to the subtitles – KMPlayer. We continue with WinWord, the most popular word-writing and word processing program, Mozilla Thunderburd, an e-mail management email client, Mozilla Firefox, for browsing and browsing the web, and finding the right content tailored to our tastes or quests.

The course ends with Skype – a  free message and call program.