A group in the social platform Facebook has become more and more popular with almost 85 000 members for its several months of creation. This is the “Buy a present from a mother of a child with disability” group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/369212334446352. All parents of children with disabilities or people with disabilities, who possess some creative talent and strong will for manifestation are welcomed to publish the beautiful works of art that are made by their hands and souls. Among these are Christmas toys and decorations, children’s toys, made by fabric, cotton, velour, ready materials, decoupage, greeting cards, hand-knitted items, souvenirs, jewelry, paintings and many, many others. People, who are willing to buy them are numerous, the orders are constant and this is a wonderful opportunity for the parents of children with disabilities and people with disabilities to find a realization and recognition of their talents, to come out of the social exclusion and give publicity to their uneasy destiny, and last, but not least – supplement their income.

Petya Koleva made and maintains a website, comprising and facilitating the choice and supply of the products, completely for free: https://kupipodarak.com/

We invite to join the Facebook group and the website, to look at the publications, to open your hearts and homes for their beauty and kindness.

Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva