Началната страница на програмата на конференцията

Началната страница на програмата на конференциятаThe National conference “Activities of the NRCB’s VIP Center” within the “Expanding the activities of the NRCB’s VIP Center” Project, funded by the European social fund and the OP Development of human resources was held 15-17th June, 2021, in Plovdiv.






Председателят на ССБ г-н Долапчиев, Стефан Данчев - директор на НЦРС и Александрина КостоваMore than 50 participants took part in the conference – NRCB’s experts, its regional associates from the whole country, representatives of the Union of the Blind in Bulgaria and its regional organizations. The focus of the event was presenting the experience and services, provided by the Center to the visually impaired people in the field of basic rehabilitation, prevocational and psychological orientation and consultation, career guidance and training. The project’s results in the field of child healthcare and international activities were provided. The innovative service Interpretation of a movie for the visually impaired was presented, as well as lectures on healthy lifestyle with diabetes and promoting the active participation of visually impaired people at the labor market.

Присъстващи на конференциятаA lot of information materials were distributed among the participants – brochures, albums, omnibus, in order to be further distributed among the visually impaired people in whole country.

The participants shared their extreme satisfaction with the event and expressed their sincere hope to be repeated.

V. Kertikova-Tapcheva