Stefan Danchev – Manager NRCB

Stefan DanchevHe graduates his university degree at the National sports academy in 1990. In 1996 he gets a post-graduate qualification in Pedagogic of the visually impaired people at the SU “Kliment Ohridski” – Sofia. He has worked at the NRCB since 1984 as a tutor. In 1992 he becomes a teacher in Orientation and mobility. He gets specializations at Het-Lo-Erf – the Netherlands and other European institutions for training and rehabilitation of visually impaired. He is a member of the Management board of the UBB. He has taken part in the development and management of over 10 projects of the NRCB. He has been a Manager of the NRCB since 2001 up to now.




Aleksandrina Kostova – Program manager

Aleksandrina KostovaShe has a higher engineer education. She post-graduates in Informatics at the PU “Paisii Hilendarski” in 2001 and Pedagogic of the visually impaired at the SU „Kliment Ohridski”– Sofia in 2002. She has a License for Training of poor sight from the Hadley School for the Blind - USA. She is the only certified Bates Vision teacher in Bulgaria. She is a member of the “Bates Association ofVision Educators” – London. She makes a specialty of Psycho physiological correction of Vision in the Eye Clinic of Ernst Mouldashev in Ufa, Rossia. She works as a teacher in visual rehabilitation at the NRCB from 2000. Since 2003 she has been a Program manager of the NRCB up to now. She develops the projects and the curricula and manages the international activity of the NRCB.


Galina Petrova

Galina PetrovaShe graduates higher education in 1991 at the PU “Paisii Hilendarski”, specialty “Bulgarian philology”. In 1996 graduates post-graduate qualification “Pedagogic of the visually impaired” at the SU „ Sv. Kliment Ohridski”

In 2000 gets a specialization in rehabilitation of the visually impaired in Sweden. She has worked at the NRCB since 1996. currently, she teaches „Orientation and mobility” and „Every-day skills”.





Stefka Stoicheva

Stefka StoichevaIn 1982 she graduates her higher education with the specialty “Bulgarian phylogy” and in 1984 she starts work at the NRCB as a regular teacher, she teaches at that time ”Every-day skills” and „Typhlo-technical devices”. Since 1991 by different courses she learns to operate a computer and she begins teaching computer literacy. In 1997 she graduates post-graduate qualification, masters degree in “Pedagogic of the visually impaired”. In the autumn of this year she starts teaching „Braille literacy” and „Computer literacy”. She gets specializations in rehabilitation of the visually impaired at Het-Lo-Erf – the Netherlands and Sweden. She graduates a course in Office computer training to the Union of the blind, funded by the PHARE Program and a course for visually impaired computer specialist to the Microsoft. Besides a teacher at the NRCB, since 2001 she has been a manager of the Christian center for disabled people “Grace”. She takes part at the development and fulfillment of a project “The Bible, accessible to everyone”, as well as of other projects, relevant to the accessibility of informational and learning literature for visually impaired.

Stoyan Zaikov

Stoyan Zaikov In 1976 he graduated in Chemistry and Physics at Paisii Hilendarski University. He has specialized in the field of Philosophical disciplines and since 1977 has been an academic at the Paisii Hilendarski University of Plovdiv. He has 12 scientific publications on epistemology and methodology of scientific knowledge, as well as a number of scientifically popular publications, critic materials, preface to monographic publications and others. From 1995 to 2015, he worked in secondary education as a teacher in the Philosophical Subject Cycle (Psychology and Logic, Ethics and Law, Philosophy, World and Personality). He has graduated a professional qualification course "Instructors of Basic Computer Skills" at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". He has a level of competence and has obtained a Certificate for Teacher Training for State Educational Requirements issued by the Ministry of Education and Science. He has been awarded state awards and awards for continuing high-professional activity in the field of Bulgarian education.

Iva Toneva

IvaTonevaIn 2012 she graduated from the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" with a Master's degree in conseling psychology. In 2015 he graduated in "Pedagogy of the Visually Impaired" with a master’s degree in Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ". She has been working in the NRCB since April 2012 as a teacher of orientation and mobility. Provides psychological counseling to the clients of the NCRC and their relatives.





Adriana Zdravkova

АдрианаIn 2005 graduates Vocational high school as a "Cook".

In 2012 takes a Bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy at the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". In May 2012 takes part as a volunteer at the NRCB - Plovdiv, as well as at the Students'scientific forum with an international participation "The new challenges to the educational system" with the scientific article "Characteristic features of the reading of students with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder".

She's been working at the NRCB Plovdiv since April, 2012, as a teacher in Orientation and mobility, Every-day skills and Cooking for visual impaired people.

In 2015 she post-graduates in Pedagogic of the visually impaired at the SU „Kliment Ohridski”– Sofia.

Certified lecturer in:

  • 2019 - "Orff Schulwerk - an innovative approach to active perception of music through rhythm, speech and movement"
  • 2020 - Waldorf-Steiner pedagogy
  • 2020 - Montessori pedagogy


Veronika Kertikova-Tapcheva – Job mediation and vocational training and counseling

In 2004 she gets a Bachelor’s degree in International relations at the UNWE – Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2006 she graduates with a Master’s degree in International economic relations at the UNWE – Sofia, Bulgaria and starts her professional career as a teacher in English at first. During the same year she begins work at the NRCB and goes for training as a job mediator for visually impaired people at the Sonneheerdt Foundation, the Netherlands. In 2007 she expands her qualifications by graduating post-graduate qualification in Pedagogic of the visually impaired at the Sofia University, Bulgaria. In 2010 she graduates vocational training in Graphic design. In 2017 she graduates a pilot training course for Consultants for supported employment for people with disabilities and gets a third degree of professional qualification in the specialty. During the following years, she participates in all national and international projects of the NRCB, including, among all other things, variety of trainings, aiming at the specialized support for visually impaired people. These include trainings on quality control of formal and non-formal education of visually impaired people; preventing and combating violence against visually impaired women; working with the Structural funds of the EU, later on the Operative programs of the EU; working with the International classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF) and facilitating its use by the experts, working with visually impaired clients; trainings for career orientation, support and vocational training for visually impaired people and their employers, and many more.

Hristo Grozev

Hristo GrozevIn 1993 he graduated Technical University - Plovdiv, specialty "Electronic Equipment and Microelectronics". Over the years, he has worked as a graphic designer and web designer in various studios and companies and as designer prepress in the newspapers "24 Hours", "Accent" and others. Lecturer in Information Technology for visually impaired. Administration at





Mariana Angelova

Mariana Angelova


  • Masters degree in Psychology at the Veliko Tyrnovo University “Sv. Sv. Kiril and Metodii”
  • One-year specialization in “Forensic psychology” at the Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”
  • Post-graduate qualification in “Managament of social services” – Institute of industrial relations and management, Sofia
  • Bachelor’s degree in “State management and administration” – Institute of economics and management, Svishtov  
  • Six-month training at Ministry of labor and social policy in “Providing social services to children and families“


  • Psychological consultation of children and adults;
  • Individual and group consultations;
  • Psychotraining;
  • Supervision.

Doctor Radostina Simeonova

Radostina Simeonova

She graduates medicine at the Medicine University in Plovdiv in 2000 and in December 2005 she successfully graduates Physical and rehabilitation medicine.
In the framework of the long doctor’s training she has visited tens of seminars and boards, and for mastering her skills as a specialist she has taken part in courses in laser security, diagnostic and therapy with low-frequency currents, selected chapters of the physical therapy, etc. She has taken a three-year course in homeopathy and graduated successfully with an exam and one-month course in labor medicine. 
She has taken part in Projects for application of new apparatus in the medical practice and more specifically the apparatus INTELECT of the ALNED Company, electro stimulators and cosmetic apparatus of the MDM, etc. 
She is a member of several organizations – Bulgarian union of the doctors. Association of Physical and rehabilitation medicine, Association of the general physicians in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian medical homeopathy organization. 
Since 2001 she is a manager of her own company for first medical aid and works as a general physician. She has a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund since 2003. 
In 2008 she successfully defends a thesis and next year – master’s degree in Health management. Currently she is a manager of the only one medical center, specialized in the rehabilitation of children with rare diseases and training of their families. 
She has worked at the NRCB as a teacher in Theory and Practice of the Classical massage of the trainees in the Massage specialty since 2007.

Marin Peichev

Marin PeichevEight times absolute republican champion in arm-wrestling for people with disabilities, left and right hand, a bronze medal at the European championship in arm-wrestling for people with disabilities, a bronze medal at the Republican championship in arm-wrestling for people without disabilities, three-times champion at the network of tournaments “A will for victory” – his sports achievements provoke and inspire him to take part at a professional training for masseurs at the NRCB, Plovdiv in 2008. After his successful graduation, he starts his own massage practice in his home town Gorna Oriahovitza. In 2010 he starts working at the Hospice Revival in Plovdiv as a masseur-rehabilitator. Since 2012 he has been appointed at the NRCB as an assistant-educator, dealing with physical culture and rehabilitation and the practical training of visually impaired people in their professional training for masseurs at the NRCB.


Graphic designer for tactile cards processing

Petar Ivanov Petrov


Museum and galleries Art stylist

Gergana Petrova Argirova
Dessislava Kamenova Karadzhova
Keta Zheleva Petrova



Hasmik Vardanyan


Trainer in Art therapy for visually impaired

Georgy Valeriev Petrov
Верка Найденова Гедикова-Тахбуб


Autorefractometer Operator

Dessislava Stefanova Dancheva




Peter Slavkov Staykov


Regional instructor in basic rehabilitation

Anka Ivanova Karaivanova
Alexandra Ivanova Balkanska
Anita Nikolaeva Dimitrova
Antonia Vaskova Gidulska-Sabeva
Valentin Atanasov Danev
Vladimir Ivanov Velikov
Gergana Naidenova Gospodinova
Dochka Yordanova Stoyanova
Duigu Bilgin Ismail
Emil Dimitrov Velev
Ivan Velikov Stoyanov
Yordanka Stefanova Dimitrova
Kapka Hristova Angelova
Karamfila Stoilova Yankulova
Konstantin Kostadinov Georgiev
Lilyana Stefanova Dimitrova
Milena Nikolova Yankova
Milka Ivanova Tankova
Mitka Kalcheva Stoyanova
Nataliya Dimitrova Shateva
Negoslav Sabev Sabev
Nikolay Filipov Kamburov
Nedyalko Ivanov Dimov
Penka Koleva Neycheva
Petya Valentinova Karaivanova
Rayna Ilieva Stoyanova
Svetoslava Vasileva Vasileva
Snezhana Gavrilova Atanasova
Stoyna Zhelyazkova Zheleva
Todor Ivanov Todorov
Hristina Dimitrova Stoilkova
Yuliya Miteva Moneva


Social assistant

Danail Danailov Karadzhov
Plamen Dimitrov Madzharov
Shaban Sabriev Yakubov


Social pedagogue

Dimitrina Todorova Kuzmanova
Dobrinka Kirilova Petkova



Diyana Gospodinova Kalinova


Job consultant

Ira Ilieva Antonova


Job mediator

Svetoslav Lyubenov Nikolov