From August 1, 2018, the NRCB launched a project to support integrated students with visual impairments by facilitating their work with books, books, textbooks, and other study materials.

The project is financed by EVN Bulgaria and is worth BGN 19,509.37.

Two Pearl Open Book readers and two laptops have been purchased and operated under the project. Topaz PHD is also purchased for the visually impaired users as well as a printer for printing the necessary materials.

 With the purchased equipment in the NRCB, a Resource Center was established, where integrated pupils and students with visual difficulties can scan their textbooks and use them in digital format.

A specialist trained to help, educate and inform users about the use of the resources works at the Resource Center.

Seminar-training of visually impaired students for independent work with the technical means is to be held.

A project “Expanding the Center VIP Activities” begins on May 2018 at NRCB. The project is funded by the “Equal chances” procedure under the “Human resources development” Operational Programme of the EU.

The project is aimed at satisfying the needs of the visually impaired people of social contacts and rehabilitation; motivation for better employability; support access to employment; empathy of society for their problems; synergy between institutions; offering innovative and quality services, training and counseling; actions to improve prevention and access to healthcare.

The aim of the project is to create prerequisites for active social inclusion of people with visual impairments.

Activities include two information campaigns, "Happy Eyes", for screening children’s vision in kindergartens and "Living with Diabetes" - aimed at visually impaired diabetic patients.

Persons with visual impairments included in the project will have access to health, social, legal and psychological counseling as well as various rehabilitation services.

Consultations on vocational guidance and the labor market will be offered to integrated students, their families and resource teachers.

Local initiatives are planned to organize the free time of visually impaired people - creating a discussion club and organizing meetings and events.

The expected result is the prerequisites for active inclusion of visually impaired people, equal opportunities for participation in social processes and the potential for better employability.

The main objective of the VAPET-VIP Virtual Vocational Academy for Vocational Education and Training is to contribute to the modernization of the education and training systems used by organizations working in the field. It focuses directly on the professional standards of organizations, overcoming the specific training gap in many participating countries, and at the same time encourages the exchange of experience and know-how between different types of organizations involved in education, training and working with the blind and low-visibility customers.

The project will develop curricula for on-line training on Orientation and Mobility and Social Skills. The programs are aimed at professionals working with visually impaired people. Participants who have completed the training course will receive a Certificate. The project involves 8 partner organizations from 7 countries: Coordinator: Rachel Foundation and Martin Sain - Portugal Partners: NRC and Future 21st Century - Bulgaria Monteckler - France Institute BFW - Duren, Germany National Institute for Blinds - Iceland Ritmeyer Institute - and Leon - Spain.

The project includes seven partners from seven different European countries: Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and the UK.

The main SensNet activities are:

  • Design of the Methodological guide for the learning programme
  • Development of the training materials for professionals working with ageing people with hearing and/or visual impairments in such area as, lighting and ergonomics and accessibility in society and in the daily life (access to culture and access to information and communication media)
  • Creation of online learning platform for professionals working with ageing people with hearing and visual impairments
  • Training courses for professionals
  • Organisation of two multiplication events in Germany and France.

The most important results of the project are:

  1. Creation of a European Academy providing training for professionals working with the elderly with visual and / or hearing impairment.
  2. Creating a European community to train professionals working with the elderly with visual and / or hearing impairment.

Official site of the project